Monday, March 31, 2008

ThE pROpoSiTIoNs

  • To be human is to be religious.
  • To be religious is to be mindful.
  • To be mindful is to pay attention.
  • To pay attention is to sanctify existence.

  • Rituals are one way in which attention is paid.
  • Rituals arise from the stages and ages of life.
  • Rituals transform the ordinary into the holy.

  • Rituals may be public, private, or secret.
  • Rituals may be spontaneous or arranged.
  • Rituals are in constant evolution and reformation.

  • Rituals create sacred time.
  • Sacred time is the dwelling place of the Eternal.
  • Haste and ambition are the adversaries of sacred time.

Is this so?

(from From Beginning To End: The Rituals Of Our Lives by Robert Fulghum)

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