Tuesday, March 25, 2008

LOsT iN my MiNd

My mind has been feeling a little disoriented lately. There seem to be some chunks of time that I am missing. Occasions when I am sure I was physically present, but yet have no recollection of the things that happened then. And I’m quite sure I wasn’t day-dreaming or night-dreaming, for even in those, I can remember bits and pieces of the dreams, albeit in a hazy fuzzy way.

It’s like my memories have become disjointed, some portions have been stolen. Like how you watch a DVD and sometimes the player skips certain scenes, leaving you a little bewildered. And the only way I have any handle on those “missing time” is through patching together the stories told by those around me.

I have always said to her that losing my mind is a scary thing, and knowing that I am losing my mind is even worst.

But I guess she’s right.

When I am losing my mind, I probably wouldn’t know that I am losing my mind.

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