Thursday, March 6, 2008

LeaKy TaP

Heart-wrenching. Some songs, some books, some movies, have the ability to wring tears from your heart. The tunes, the words, the scenes, they reach out and they touch that most tender part of your heart.

I’m a hopeless sentimentalist. I get choked up listening to songs, reading books, watching movies. It’s so easy for me to lose myself in the moment. And sometimes, it takes a long while before I find my way out.

I remember one of the things I learnt in literature class is this technique called “suspension of belief”. It was almost a no-brainer for me. I mean, I live my life in a constant state of suspension of belief. I’m always dreaming, building castles in the air, playing the role of the beautiful princess waiting for her prince on a black stallion, in search of that happily ever after.

Crying is a cathartic experience for me. Or perhaps, I’m just a grown-up cry-baby.

Caution: fragile. Stand this side up.

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