Saturday, March 31, 2007

mY New cHAiR

I finally bought my dream chair... today... in Chinatown!!

Happened to chance upon it the other day when I was there with a friend who needed to get to a DBS ATM and we were directed to Block 4... and this beautiful wonderful lovely cane chair was peeking at me from an old provision-shop-like shop.

Today, I brought my mum along for the bargaining power.

And now I'm the proud new owner of a beautiful wonderful lovely cane chair that matches my hand-me-down-rattan-treasure-chest-cum-laptop-table... all for $16 (the marked price was $18 but my mum managed to knock $2 off from the shop-lady who was telling us this chair is great for sitting kids down when they are being fed... which made me very happy -- the $2 discount I mean...).

I am slowly learning how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. And today, I am grateful that...

... I no longer have to squat on my haunches to type on my ThinkPad...

... no more lower-back-pain-inducing crouching posture over my ThinkPad...

... this new chair comes with a back that I can lean on.

(Bob lounging on the new chair)

No more wobbly knees... YAY!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


They tell me it’s all a matter of perspective.

Then they whip out pictures and say, “Do you see a rabbit or a duck?”

“What about this? An old lady or a young lady?”

“What do you see here? An hourglass or 2 faces?”

Erm… so what if I can see them both (normally after a lot of prompting and pointing and covering bits of the pictures and turning my head this way and that)?

I don’t know about you, but I find that my mind can only handle one perspective at any one time… and sometimes, getting any perspective at all is a challenge to begin with.

So, what does the snail say when riding on the turtle’s back? “Whee!”

Get me the turtle.

wHAt if?

Why do people always expect love to have the drama and the fireworks? Why do people always expect love to be ground-shaking and earth-shattering?

What if love doesn't come with the bells and whistles? What if love just creeps into your heart and settles there quietly, silently, firmly?

What if love is not about setting your heart a-flutter everytime you think of the other? What if love is just about enjoying moments you spend with the other?

What if love isn't about the fanfare? What if love just is?

Maybe I am jaded by love, but I think love is way too over-rated.

What if love doesn't send you to seventh-heaven, but reminds you to keep smiling while you are on earth? What if love doesn't sweep you off your feet, but reminds you there is someone else willing to walk beside you?

What if love doesn't come with a big bang? But just sits with you, thinks about you, cares for you, asks you out, makes you laugh, writes you SMS-es, knows that you love kai-lan yet sends you a broccoli instead because it looks prettier.

What if love is not the answer to why you go on living? What if love just is one of those things that makes you glad you are still breathing today?