Wednesday, March 5, 2008

gAMes wE pLAy

Musical Chairs. I dreaded playing it at parties when I was young. I could never decide if I wanted to win bad enough to keep grabbing a seat when the music stops. And the intense pressure from everyone watching when it gets to the last few. So I tend to give up in the early stages of the game. Just continue standing and pretend I couldn’t be fast enough to sit down.

The other game I was very bad at (and probably still very bad at now) is Catch. Where someone is elected IT and will be blindfolded, and the objective of the game is to tag your friends so that they become IT. I could never catch anyone. When I’m blindfolded, my entire system becomes very disoriented. I can’t distinguish whether the shuffling feet and the giggles come from my right or left or front or back.

And I hated games where there is a forfeit involved. Like Passing The Box. You pass the box round quickly and if you’re the one holding it when the music stops, you get a forfeit. Most often you’ll be made to dance or sing or pretend to be some bizarre animal. It embarrassed me no end.

They should ban these games where you are singled out to be ridiculed. Bad enough that you have to be blindfolded and your hair all messed up. They expect you to go round honking like a big fat elephant with a big fat trunk?

Oh, imagine the indignity!

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