Saturday, November 1, 2008


Regret. Feeling sad about something wrong or a mistake made and wishing it could be different and better.

A friend asked if I have any regrets in life, and I was hard put to answer. Regret presupposes that things are either correct or not. But what if it isn’t always so simple? Between right and wrong, mistakes and successes, there is ambivalence and fear, insight and indifference.

Sure, I regret not having continued with ballet lessons when I was younger (as opposed to me attending classes now with my inflexible body and feeling all clumsy in class). I feel sad about it. But that is not necessarily wrong or a mistake. It was just that at that time, circumstances extenuating or otherwise made me choose what was then the best option for me. And I have heard say that decisions cannot be deemed just right or wrong.

Is there really regret? When it cannot be any different or better?

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