Sunday, November 9, 2008

aiR-dRYinG CLaY

My latest discovery in my artistic quest is air-drying clay. I’ve been playing with it for the last couple of days. It’s a difficult, yet interesting, medium to work with.

Air-drying clay is not as malleable as Play-Doh. Neither is it as sturdy as plasticine. So here I have this mixture that is part-floury, part-lumpy, and the determined artist in me was trying to make elephants. The first elephant I made by fashioning the different body parts individually and then putting them together. The second elephant I made by molding the whole animal from the same lump of clay.

The putting-the-body-parts-together part was difficult, because the clay lumps do not cling easily once separated. Eventually I had to use water and a little cocktail-pick to painstakingly meld the parts together. The teasing-out-elephant-from-one-lump-of-clay project was difficult for its own reasons. The clay was too soft to take firm hold of the shape so while I was working on the head and trunk the left limb would be deformed and vice-versa.

Good art takes time to create.

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