Thursday, November 27, 2008


Food has a very interesting role within my family. Not only is food energy-giving and life-sustaining, food also serves as our moral and philosophical compass.

We have a favourite story of the Big Cookie. Long time ago, a mother left her son in the village while she went into the city for a couple of days. When she left, she tied around her son’s neck a very big cookie that would last him the duration of her absence. But alas, when she returned a few days later, her son had died because he only ate the cookie as far as his head could reach.

We also have a favourite philosophical question, “Would you rather starve to death or binge to death?” And during mealtimes, we would often debate on this topic quite intensely. And it shows in our attitudes toward food. Whether we live to eat or eat to live.

Would I rather starve or binge? I think that depends a lot on what I’m denying myself of, or what I am indulging myself in.

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strangedillies said...

i stumbled upon your blog by accident, i can't remember how but i'd just like to say that i really like your writing. i like how you seem to be able to say so much in just a couple of short paragraphs and every so often i find that what you write seem so much to mirror my own thoughts that i'm amazed and thought i should drop you a note.