Thursday, November 6, 2008

LosT WitHOut yOu

A friend asked me why my MSN message read “lost without you”, and he insinuated that I was pathetic.

In just a span of a few months, I lost a place in the speech therapy course that I am keenly interested in, I lost a very good friend and mentor, I lost a job that I was only centimeters away from getting, I'm losing what I once thought was the dream of my life. Hence I’ve been pondering on the concept of loss, and the impact it has had on me.

Losing something is often painful. That sense of disbelief, that sense of rude shock, that sense of dismay. And more often than not, losing something leaves me feeling lost. I am a relatively “sticky” person, in that I tend to be overly attached to things, to ideas, to concepts, to events, to people. Without these anchoring me to life, it is very easy for me to lose myself.

Of course I feel lost without you. You taught me how to light a match in the darkness. You fished me out when I fell into the deep well. You have been my solace. I am not pathetic, just grateful.

Lost without you… but I’ll survive somehow.

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