Tuesday, June 30, 2009

PapER cRAneS

I want to write about my friend again today. I had a dream about her. It’s one of those feel-good dreams. Where you don’t want to wake up. And even if you do, you wake with a smile. And wish the dream would come true. Sometimes you wish you can pick someone up from your dreams and hug them. This is one of those dreams.

I like my friend because she makes me feel comfortable. Comfortable enough to share some of my deepest secrets (not all, because I think we all have dark secrets that only we know, and we keep). Comfortable enough to cry in front of her and not feel weird the next time I see her. I feel safe with her.

I used to make her a paper crane every time I visited. It made her happy. She’ll keep them carefully, in a little bag. And she said that some day we’ll sit down and count them together.

Until one day, it all stopped.

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