Tuesday, June 16, 2009

oLD vs. NEw

My life as I knew it has changed. A change of tectonic proportions. Within the span of a few years I had found a new job, gotten married, quit my job, gotten divorced. I went from being the happiest person on earth to being the saddest person on earth. The joke is on me, I guess.

3 years ago when it happened, I didn’t know whether I would pull through. I wasn’t sure I had the strength to go on. I couldn’t see a future before me. Making the decision to leave someone you love is difficult. Yet some decisions have to be made. For the sanity of all.

Part of my reason for making this long trip to the US is to reclaim what I had lost years and years ago. I don’t want to say I have come full circle, but at least I am no longer taking 2 steps back for every step forward.

Giving up the old. Welcoming the new.

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