Saturday, April 24, 2010

iN ThoSe EyeS

I dreamt of owls. When, I can’t tell. I only know I dreamt of owls. Much of the dreaming has left me since I woke, but I remember being mesmerized by big glassy eyes looking at me. I could see the reflection of the moon in them so clearly it is almost as if I am flying in the sky.

Eyes have always scared me, to be honest. Whatever they say about your eyes being the window to your soul, I think it’s true. I feel threatened, vulnerable even, when someone looks me in the eye. I actually find it difficult to maintain eye-contact over a full conversation with someone. My gaze often falters. Which may explain why I am slightly better at giving presentations to a large crowd. The number of audience doesn’t scare me, I much prefer being able to cast my eyes over everyone and no one in particular.

Animal eyes though, are another matter. Well, mammalian eyes at least, are fine with me. I love looking into those pools of darkness, and feeling their love in return. When I look into the eyes of a cat or a dog, I just know that everything is going to be alright.

Oh, and I know I dream in colour because there was something red in my dream that the owls were carrying.

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