Monday, April 26, 2010


I wonder how the world looks,
For someone born blind?
In their world,
How do the trees and flowers look?
How do the animals look?
How is life like in their world?

I wonder how I will survive,
In that formless world?
In that empty space,
Is it just void black?
Or will there be shafts of white?

Would colour make sense,
In the world of the blind?
Do they have colours in their dreams?
How would they recognize,
The people and places and animals?
Matching each name one for the other.

For the names they learn are abstract.
Without imagery,
Without context,
Without juxtaposition.

How tall is the giraffe?
How big is the elephant?
How pretty is the flower?
How sturdy is the tree?
How blue is the sky?

They don’t know.
Neither do I.

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