Monday, February 15, 2010

aT OdDs

I am caught in a very strange situation.

While everyone else I know is complaining about the lack of time to do what they want to do, I am faced with the prospect of having too much time on my hands for the next two weeks. So much time I don’t know what to do with myself, apart from being bored out of my mind. I never knew I’d say this but I wish time would move a little faster, at least for the next 14 days.

While everyone else I know needs sleep badly after they’ve worked hard, I am feeling tired without having done anything. I am so sleepy just sitting here doing nothing I am surprised inertia takes so much out of me. Whatever is the opposite of insomnia, I think I have it. It is a real challenge to get past the 3 o’clock drowse hour.

Going one step forward and two steps back. Or something like that.

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Trey said...

I've had the same problem at times! Its difficult to wake up when there's nothing to do. I got to the point where I had to make detailed lists like: get up, eat, walk the dog, feed the dog, go buy some milk, just to get up and do something! Maybe try that? Or try something new, like painting or drawing or taking pictures...