Thursday, February 4, 2010

aLL gRowN Up

I had my last farewell lunch today with my best friend from high school, ending a 3-week run of gatherings and goodbyes. Like I said, I have accumulated a lot of ties, both human and emotional, over the last 10 years. And I am unable to just turn and walk away. It is not in my character to do so. Sentimentality is my middle name.

Packing, has taken on manic proportions. All around me, I stare at the spoils of my many many many, way-too-many shopping trips over the years. And I feel bad, for indulging in the commercialism that I so righteously claim to want to rid the world of. At least, I don’t remember having to deal with the problem of surplus (glut) when I left for university 14 years ago.

So after all this, I just want to tell him that the baby elephant has grown up and broken free of her chains.

And he looked pleased.

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Scott W said...

Thanks for stopping by my place. Unfortunately I cannot find a credit for the photo or quote. You might Google that quote to find the author.