Sunday, April 20, 2008

jUst PoNDeRinG

I saw poverty, and I saw wealth
I saw sickness, and I saw health

The disparity in this world is so great. Sometimes I look upon it in abject isolation and helplessness. Would giving that little child a dollar really help her? Would contributing to some charity fund-raiser really help those in need?

I looked at the little girl and her brother, walking bare-feet down the asphalt roads, hands cupped to receive what little people deign to give. Most just turned away. I did too. Turned away.

It has always been a struggle for me. The struggle to save the world vs. the struggle to save myself. I look too near into the now, I lose perspective. I look too far into the future, I lose perspective. I don't look, and I lose hope.

That should have been mine. It should have been me.

Regrets? What do you think?

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