Friday, April 25, 2008

EthiCS & mONeY

It’s a question of morals. Ethics.

It’s a question of practicality. Money.

And these 2 things have been bugging me for days. I know it’s about a little give and take. I know it’s about reaching a balance. I know it’s about this and that and the other.

Yet what I can’t understand is how oblivious some people are to this struggle. Would you sell your soul to the devil if he could guarantee you a life of wealth and riches? Would you give that lady in the wheelchair a dollar for 3 packets of tissues?

Ethics. Money. Ethics. Money. Ethics. Money. Ethics. Money. Ethics. Money. The fight never ends, just like the chicken-and-egg question. Although I can tell you for sure that “ethics” comes much earlier in the dictionary than “money”.

So I’m still debating, attempting to be a crackpot. To do, or not to do?

Sometimes, there can be method to the madness.

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