Tuesday, February 19, 2008

JusT dO It!

Enigma. Is the title of my diary this year. It’s got wonderful quotes from one of my favourite authors, Paulo Coelho. And it’s beautifully illustrated, in that kind of raw and enduring style.

On my way to ballet yesterday, I was thinking, if someone were to interview me now and ask, “Who is your favourite author?” I actually don’t have an answer. I can tell you my favourite genre of books – non-fiction – and specifically, autobiographies and memoirs. I like to know I am reading about some real person, although I question how much of that is really real? I mean, trying to put your entire life into words can only be inadequate at best.

Still, they draw me. And I’m always amazed at how people remember whole dialogues and exchanges that happened half a lifetime ago. Ask me about my conversation with my ballet-mates yesterday and I can barely recall the topics we discussed. So there goes trying to write anything about myself in my childhood years.

Isn’t it Nike that came up with the slogan “Just do it”? My ballet teacher likes to say, “Don’t think so much, just do it.”

Perhaps, I should go ahead and just do it!

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