Thursday, February 28, 2008

cLOtHes iN My WaRDrobE

I have a lot of clothes. Yet I don’t have enough clothes. It’s weird. My wardrobe is so full of clothes it is bursting at its seams. Yet I need a good 10-15 minutes ruminating every time I open my wardrobe door. And the strangest thing is, I never seem to have the type of clothes I want to wear for a particular day. Or, I’ll pick out something and see that it would be perfect for whatever occasion that was next in my calendar, and promptly forget it the next time I stare into my wardrobe in bewilderment.

Yesterday, I had a ballet workshop to attend. I knew that the concert hall would be cold, so I decided to wear pants. I have white pants, black pants, grey pants, brown pants, green pants, red pants, pants that have prints on them, pants that have stripes on them… and I was befuddled. It got a little worse when I tried to decide what top to wear. Long-sleeves, no sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, spaghetti tops, tank tops, tube tops, halter-neck tops, any top that matched the pants I was holding. By the time I came to picking matching bag and shoes and watch, I was ready to give up. It just seems so much easier to keep my pajamas on and crawl back to bed.

There is this inane fear of looking “off” when I go out. I have seen one too many fashion disasters walking around to know how humiliating that can be. And seriously, my sense of fashion only extends to wearing everything that are shades of the same colour. So a light brown top may go with brown pants and my light brown shoes, topped with my dark brown handbag and watch. Sometimes, I fret that I am too “coordinated” that it looks like I’m trying too hard. Which I am, I guess.

I have heard some people say it’s all about how comfortable you feel and how well you can carry off a certain look. So with my head held high, I am going to proudly march out in my pink ensemble later.

And stop to say hi if you see a pink walking highlighter. It just might be me!

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