Sunday, February 17, 2008

GivE iT tO me, NoW!

The 21st century of technological advancements has made us complacent. In a world of instant coffee, instant noodles, instant messaging, we seem to have forgotten how to wait.

Emails are expected to be replied within the hour. Phone calls are expected to be returned within the day. Reports are expected to be churned out even before the research has been done.

I figured, I want to write a book, and I’ll miraculously be able to write away and have a book ready within the day. I figured, I want to learn ballet, and I’ll miraculously be able to pirouette and arabesque within the hour. I figured, I want to draw, and I’ll miraculously be able to produce an artwork within the minute.

And all of these pieces of work would be perfect and everyone would “get it” and I’ll rocket to stardom within the week.

Of course, I figured wrongly. Writers, ballerinas, artists… They take years and years to train, to hone their skills, to consider, to ponder, to deliberate, to practice, before any decent result is achieved. And whatever the result, it is always never good enough. It’s always about trying harder and harder and even harder, to reach the stage of perfection.

Can I fast-forward to the credit roll?

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