Friday, February 15, 2008

aNd iT's GoODbYe AgAin

There’s a Chinese saying (I think) that goes something like, “Without the sorrows of parting, how will we know the joys of meeting again.” (I think). Or, it might be, “Every farewell gives us an opportunity to reunite again.” (Hmmm…)

Anyway, it’s about saying hello and saying goodbye.

Little kids come to mind. When they first meet you, all defenses are up. But once they start to play with you, they suddenly love you like there’s no tomorrow. My god-daughter came for a visit the other day. And up until the point when Mummy and Daddy said it’s time to go home, her sparkling laughter turned to huge watery eyes and a pout.

You would think that with age these things get better. Like after countless occasions to say hello and goodbye, it would become almost second nature. Yet some things just never get easier. And sometimes, they may get worse.

I’m still finding it very difficult to say goodbyes.

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