Sunday, February 3, 2008

foLLoW yOur NoSE

I am leading such a decadent lifestyle! I sleep when I want to, I wake up when I want to. I eat when I want to, I work when I want to. At the drop of a pin I can go out with my friends for a massage. Without second thoughts I can go on a crazy buying spree. Ask me, and I can do a movie marathon with you for days. Need company? I can lie beside you on the beach and suntan for weeks.

Without constraints, life is free. Yet a free life is also random and unstructured. A free life is chaotic and unpredictable. And without directions, it is easy to lose your way. Without the breadcrumbs to guide them home, Hansel and Gretel walked into the witch’s trap.

When you’re lost, kick your right leg three times, turn around and around, and follow your nose.

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