Wednesday, May 12, 2010

RidINg WavEs

The world feels blurred over, I seem to be in some kind of daze. I am in pain, a confusion of thoughts whirling inside my head. Sleeping and weeping offer no respite.

Why does it hurt so much when we lose someone we love? It is as if they have taken a part of us with them. We are left with little holes in our being – a private joke we laugh over, secrets we huddle to hide, dreams we build together – little holes that can no longer be filled.

They tell me that with time, it will get easier. That remembering you will be less painful. That the thud of my heart every time I recall that I was supposed to go and see you that day will eventually stop. That I will one day be able to look at your photographs and not cry.

So I ride out this wave, while waiting for the next one to hit.


Anonymous said...


hope you are alright. Take care ya...


Anonymous said...

Be Brave.

The storm will end one day. In the meantime, you are not riding it alone.