Monday, March 29, 2010


They say survival, the urge to stay alive, is a basic human instinct. I wonder though, when push comes to shove, whether I will be desperate enough to, say, drink my own urine in order to keep hydrated? I think it takes guts to be that desperate, and I doubt very much that I have that in me. My gut is good at sensing things that go amiss, and not so much of a warrior charged to fight for my life.

I also wonder, not infrequently, if I’d been left to languish then, what would have become of me now? Probably still mucking around in the soft places, playing the tragic heroine to no one in particular. But I know for a fact, nothing would have persuaded me to drink my own urine to keep alive then. I would not have done it for anyone else, and definitely not for me.

Over time, I learn to be grateful, that I have not yet been put in a life-threatening situation. That all I have to do so far is just to play with the possibilities in my mind. I take each day as it comes. No more, no less. And when the day of reckoning arrives, well, we’ll just have to see how that goes.


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