Sunday, March 21, 2010


The internet connection at home has gone a little wonky the past few days. I spent the whole of today trying to fix the problem, without luck but with lots of frustration. If only I could crack the secret code behind the IP and the DNS, just like how I managed to figure out the inner workings of the cistern when I was younger. I remember feeling very pleased when I could get the toilet flushing again, after I improvised a key-ring to fit the ball and the lever together.

Life without the internet feels a little awkward. We wander around the house, listlessly and aimlessly. As if the TV and the music and the books and the nature outside is not enough to occupy me. I wonder actually, what is the attraction of the internet, that makes me so dependent on it. After all, I had spent the first half of my life without it. And I got on fine. At least, I don’t think my life was compromised in any way without things like email or internet banking.

I do not like to admit, that I am defeated by technology.

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