Sunday, November 22, 2009


I remember there was a phase in my life when I was trying to figure out the concept of regret. “Regret” by definition means “a feeling of sadness about something sad or wrong or about a mistake that you have made, and a wish that it could have been different and better.” (*according to the Cambridge online dictionary)

Put like that, regret seems a little futile to me. Things have already gone wrong and you are feeling sad, and wishing that it could have been different or better. But that sadness and wishing won’t do anything to change what has happened.

Do we really want to continue feeling sad and just wishing? It becomes so easy to get stuck in a rut like that. I know, because I’ve been stuck in this rut for long enough. Slowly, I have come to the realisation that what is really important is not the feeling sad part, but what you do after (or even while in the midst of) the sadness.

Regret is passive, but we are alive.

So I have decided. I am going to stop feeling sorry for myself.

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