Friday, November 13, 2009


Bearing grudges, as they have told me, is not healthy. Hate brings with it deep psychological and even physical trauma. Forgiving, as they have told me, is good. One needs to let go of the hurt in order to move on.

I have often wondered, though, what forgiveness means. Does the act of saying “I forgive you” do it? Does it mean you have forgiven when you no longer feel the hurt inside? Does time really make things better?

I no longer know how or why.

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Sheauling said...

I recently read an article that was sent to me. It says there is no single thing that one can not let go; there is just the emotion that one can not let go. So I think to forgive is to let go your emotion of being hurt and move on. Time will help for sure but is not the only element. Come back to yourself wholeheartedly to live next stage of life. I visited Tim Yu today in Baltimore and took a few photos to capture the memories. I almost as much as he does look forward to next May which is when the doctor says he can stand up and walk again. Life has been very hard on him and his family. I hope your case is easier.... Love,