Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A pHOto

There is a photo of me hanging on my bedroom wall. It was taken by a very dear friend whom I have since lost contact with. In the photo, I am standing on some rocks facing the ocean. You can only see my back view in silhouette against the dusky backdrop.

I was visiting my friend at that time. She had just picked me up from the airport, and we were going back to her place. En route, we stopped at the beach. I remember being very fascinated with some people who were riding horses on the beach. Although that was many years ago, the day is still as vivid in my mind.

As time passes, different people come into our lives. Some stay for the long haul, some drop by for a little while. I cherish my friendships a lot, and it saddens me when I lose contact with someone. I am sentimental in that way. One of life’s hardest lessons for me is learning when to let go.

I think of my friend often. And I wonder how she is doing.

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