Friday, August 21, 2009

nEw YorK CiTy

Although I haven't actually walked down Fifth Avenue (but I did ride down it in a bus), I was mesmerised by the sights and sounds and people in New York City. The hustle and the bustle more than lived up to my expectations.

I stopped at the Empire State Building to stare across the whole of Manhattan and beyond. 86 storeys above ground and it was one breath-taking sight after another.

I visited Ground Zero and felt the tears welling up in my eyes reading the stories of the heroes and the heroines. Almost 10 years later and the emotions are still as raw.

I caught a Broadway musical and loved every minute of it. The singing and dancing and acting were all superb, culminating in a standing ovation at the end.

There are very few places that move me in so many different ways.


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