Friday, May 8, 2009


After another painful cryotherapy session, I am hobbling at home nursing my feet. So it seems I have a weak (weakened?) immune system. Which makes me susceptible to viral infections. And of a particularly virulent strain.

I have never really been worried about my health – apart from the usual cold and flu, I seldom get sick. In my 8 years of working (when I was working), I have not taken a day of medical leave. A fact which I like to repeat to anyone who is willing to listen.

Until I found out that there are certain medical conditions that preclude one from working in particular occupations. Which totally floored me. Because I happen to carry an illness which can potentially stop me from working in a job that I aspire to. How can that be? Through no fault of mine, I may be denied the opportunity to do something I really want to.

And panic sets in.

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