Friday, April 3, 2009


The lonely lunches give me a lot of time to think. As I sit with my cup of coffee or tea, I watch the world go by. Lovers holding hands. Mothers pushing prams. Men and women in power-suits. Students chatting and laughing.

And I think about the lives of these people. Who they are, where they come from, what they are doing. Sometimes, I like to create stories for them. People-watching can be very interesting.

Usually, I get very caught up with my own life. Plodding along in my own circumscribed world. So much so that I forget, there are others around me. Some better off, some worse off. With life as our common denominator.

For while life continues, no one knows the end. Only fairy tales have endings.


AK said...

Gosh that's beautiful. Welcome back!!!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

I like peepol watchin too. It coms from bein a spy!

I sent yu yor syend foto yesterday :@D I hope yu like it!