Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My JoB

Because of the economic downturn, I recently suffered a 40% pay cut. And instead of getting my pay monthly, I am now a daily-paid worker. Suddenly, I feel like I have been demoted to the lower echelons, living an almost hand-to-mouth existence.

And I realise I am starting to valuate the worth of things based on the number of days I have to work. Like I want to get a new camera phone, and the model that I am eyeing costs about $550. That’s about 6 days of work for a new phone. Is it worth it? Or my intention to go on a holiday could cost up to $2000. That’s about 20 days of work. Is it worth it?

I hate it that my thinking has become so practical. I hate it that my working day has a monetary value on it. I hate it that I need to resort to calculating a thing’s worth in relation to the number of hours I work.

I hate my job.

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