Saturday, April 25, 2009

iF nOT a, TheN B

I am not exactly an organization freak but I do like to have my things placed neatly with their own categories (a fish tackle box for my earrings, a coat hanger stand for my bags, drawers for my CDs…). It disturbs me when things are strewn all over the place – an uncomfortable, inchoate feeling.

This categorizing, as I learnt many years ago in my linguistics classes, is what helps us make sense of the world. Or the sheer information flux would leave us paralysed.

And I’ve noticed this about myself. That I like to box things into right or wrong, good or bad, white or black. Leaving almost no room for ambiguity. For things ought to be if not right then wrong, if not good then bad, if not white then black.

Bi-polarity, seems built into my system.

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