Saturday, October 4, 2008

sANdra oR SaRah?

I remember being in secret friendship groups when I was in primary school. From the storybook world of Nancy Drew and Famous Five and Hardy Boys and The Three Investigators, my friends and I would create our own versions of superheroes who went about solving mysteries. Admission was mostly exclusive, but I suppose other groups would have their own cliques as well.

It was fun, to hang out and explore our school surroundings, hoping to come up against some exotic mystery or other. We even had special code names that we’d use only when we were at group meetings. I think I was either Sarah or Sandra.

It was serious, when we shared secrets with one another. Like taking a leap of faith. Secrets of secret crushes, secrets of family affairs, secrets of dreams and desires and fears. Dismissal from the group was immediate if you spilled the beans.

Secrets, are dangerous things.

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