Thursday, October 16, 2008


Ever since I started the series of procedures for the viral infection on my feet, I have been hung up on the issue of pain. And pain tolerance.

It is often said that our body forgets pain easily. It is also often said that we each have different pain thresholds. Perhaps, it can even be said that no two pains are ever alike. For pain is an acquired knowledge accumulated over time and experience. No one (I hope) purposely puts us in pain to teach us about pain.

Pain is individuated. Something uncomfortable happens to us, and we learn to use the word “pain” to describe that uncomfortable feeling. I don’t know why some people cringe at the slightest pain while some people never bat an eyelid even when it seems very painful. I read stories of how people are battered, broken, and yet still survive horrific accidents, and I am speechless. Is it because my pain tolerance is really low, or have I mistakenly used ‘pain’ to describe what is merely ‘discomfort’?

It’s good that our body forgets pain easily. It’s bad that our body forgets pain easily.

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