Friday, October 10, 2008


My mum has been busy filling out lucky draw forms from our milk cartons. The grand prize is a car, which would be really cool. But as my mum is filling out the forms, she keeps saying that some people are really lucky when it comes to things like that while others are just plain luckless. I think my family belongs to the luckless group. How else do you explain that even in those “sure-win” lucky dips, we’ll end up with the least of the prizes like tissue packs or pens.

I began pondering the issue of luck. Some people do seem born with a silver (gold?) spoon in their mouth. Things in life tend to go smoothly for them, and there isn’t a lot of drama that upsets their lives. On the other hand, some people seem to have all the bad luck. Their lives consist of more falls than victories, and it is an uphill task even for mundane survival. I wonder if they remembered to thank their lucky stars?

It’s not about luck. I suffered my fair share of sleepless nights too.

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