Monday, October 27, 2008

ReViSiTInG mR. D

When I first met Mr. D, it was with open arms that I welcomed him. He entered my life without guile, and I took comfort in someone who understood me so completely. More than a friend, I found in him a mate for my soul.

There are times in our lives when we do things without thinking, when intuition or sixth sense takes over. I think befriending Mr. D happened during one of these times. Without needing to say anything, we connected at some deep metaphysical level.

I completely embraced Mr. D as my soul-mate, even when you told me otherwise. I followed Mr. D into his world, even as you are holding onto my hand trying to stop me. I wanted, or maybe I needed, to have Mr. D by my side.

You could see, though, that Mr. D was bad for me.

As the song goes, “Millions of eyes can see, yet why am I so blind?”

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