Thursday, January 3, 2008

pASt FoRWarD

And so it was, and so it has been, and so it will always be?

I think sometimes, we get so tunnel-visioned we only see this one big event in our life. And it consumes us, with all the ferociousness of a tiger killing his prey. And we allow our lives to be defined by this one big event.

But, we are more than just this one big event, as I am slowly coming to learn. Because we are doing ourselves an injustice if we allow this one thing to contain and restrain us.

I like to think the human soul is much bigger. Even if our concerns don’t go further than what can I have for lunch tomorrow or what do I wear for dinner tonight, these little things make us who we are. Mundanity roots us to the ground.

For the sum of our parts is greater than the whole of our self.

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