Thursday, January 10, 2008

CroSsiNG tHE LiNe

I like to watch races where there is a finishing line and the one who is first gets to break through the tape in victory. Even though I’m not really competing in the race myself, my heart still skips a beat when the winner crosses the finishing line. I imagine the sense of achievement knowing that their hard work has paid off. I imagine the sense of relief that they have completed the race. I imagine that moment of wonder when they cross that line.

I guess we all have some version of lines in our life, be they personal or public. And I suppose having lines gives us some semblance of security and balance. Lines we draw define our private and social boundaries. And yet, do the lines really keep us safe? Or do the lines isolate us by keeping out those who care for us?

I want to cross the line, will you let me?

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