Monday, December 10, 2007

wHaT A ChaNgE

Priorities change, over time. Things I used to love I don’t love anymore. Things I didn’t love I love now.

I used to love being a busy executive, traveling to different places for my work, once even going as far as USA. I love the fact that I was being recognized in my work, that I am busy because my work has value. And the sense of fulfillment when my work gains praise from clients or my bosses gave me a rush. I felt important.

Now, I have become tired. I don’t relish living out of my suitcase anymore. I cannot stand the stress that comes with work, the tight deadlines, the groveling in front of clients. It all just feels so fake, perpetrating a vicious cycle I do not believe in.

Stability. That’s what I want now. Time. That’s what I yearn for now. Space. That’s what I long for now. The stability and time and space to explore the world anew. And freedom. The freedom to pick up a book and be able to spend time reading it. The freedom to catch my dreams and write them down. The freedom to live.

My favourite colour used to be blue. But now I think the reds and browns, the greens and yellows, the blacks and greys, the oranges and pinks, I think they are just as pretty.

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