Sunday, December 16, 2007

bUY, BuY, bUy!

I was at a bookstore today trying to look for the kind of envelope with bubble-wrap inside so I can send some DVDs off to a friend. I didn’t find the envelope, apparently they only sell them in post-offices.

But wow, the number of people out shopping completely bowled me over! It was as if the entire population decided to descend on the shopping mall, all at the same time. Seriously, it was like everyone, decided at the same moment, to scramble for calendars for 2008. All the gift shops and toy stores and department outlets were filled to the brim. People were walking around carrying humungous bagsful of shopping.

Why do people feel obligated to give gifts at Christmas? I mean, how many of us have gotten completely useless stuff at Christmas gift exchanges? The commercialism that is hyped up over Christmas is so far from the reality of Jesus’ birth in the manger that it’s a wonder they are connected in any way.

Me? I reject commercialism. But, I still like the shopping!

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