Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a PoiNTe oF nOtE

One of the more interesting things (amongst the many) in my transition to Boston (or US in general) is having to consciously change my spelling. If nothing else, to at least look more credible in the work I hand in for marking. Because, I was brought up in the old-school British English (remnants of British colonialism in my part of the world), and took my major exams from the British board.

For the longest time, I have been ignoring those squiggly red lines that come up when I type an incorrectly-spelled word. Not anymore. As part of my assimilation process, I am learning to put aside my “British roots” to embrace the “New World order”.

So now, I don’t see the “colours” of the rainbow, but I see the “color” of the blue summer sky. I am not as “sombre” contemplating spelling as I used to, because “somber” seems more intuitive. It is a fascinating “realisation” for me, to “realize” the differences in the two spelling systems of the same language. And while I do like “jewellery”, I think I can get used to liking “jewelry” too.

But I think I’ll stick with calling my “mom” “mum” and not “mom”. Some habits are hard to break.

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