Wednesday, July 21, 2010

LifE CyCLe

While many people may not like hospitals, I actually find them really exciting places. I have to walk through the hospital every day to get to school. And the moment I step inside, I feel this buzz in the air around me. There is all this hustle and bustle that goes on, flurries of activities, a kind of system within the chaos.

I think what really touches me is this whole notion of people working to save other people. I have been on this side of being saved, so I fully appreciate the dedication of those who are on the other end doing the saving.

I am not smart enough and resilient enough (too much blood scares me) to be a doctor. And anyway I might be a little too old to start pre-med now. So studying to become a speech language pathologist is my little way of contributing to this cycle.

Maybe not to save lives, but to be life-giving.

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