Saturday, January 30, 2010


I am watching two birds perched on the window ledge opposite mine. Chattering. One struts back and forth, looking busy. The other stands stock still, looking resigned. They look like little mechanical toys from this distance.

I remember, back in high school, we had an audition for a musical. The coveted role was that of the bird. And our dance teacher gave us specific instructions to study birds carefully, so that we could mimic its actions.

I remember, standing at the bus stop, staring at a little sparrow. The way it thrust its chest forward, the way it moved its head quizzically, the way it hopped from one spot to the next – I was completely mesmerized. I am almost sure we swopped our souls for that moment.

The auditions came and went. The grace and dexterity of being a bird eluded me. I was cast in the role of a rabbit instead.

But I will always remember that day, standing at the bus stop, looking at the little sparrow, and seeing myself fly.

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