Saturday, August 30, 2008


Recently, I have been contemplating doors. The opening and closing of doors. Doors as barriers. Doors as passageways. Doors that keep things in and shut things out. Sliding doors. Swinging doors. Revolving doors.

There have been many doors set before me through my life. I have opened many of them, just as I have left many of them shut. Some of the doors I opened led me to dead-ends. Some of the doors I opened led me to more doors. Some of the doors are easier to open. Some of the doors need a bit of oiling. Some of the doors I went through alone. Some of the doors I needed a friend to walk together.

It’s been some time since I ventured out to open any doors, I have been in hibernation for the last 2 years. And it’s like suddenly there are too many doors, yet not enough doors. She said when one door closes another one opens. And she said when the time is right the door will open.

What happens when there are no more doors left?

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