Friday, March 20, 2009

cAtChiNG Up

Sometimes, I feel as if I am unable to catch up with the world around me. Things are happening at such breakneck speed that by the time I have digested a piece of news, many nuggets of information would have passed me by. Like how I feel overwhelmed every time I log into Facebook. Or how inundated I am with updates of this, that, and the other when I access my emails.

I don’t read magazines. I hardly touch newspapers nowadays. I am not active on Facebook, or LinkedIn, or MySpace, or any of the social networking sites. Which makes me wonder, how do I get by my daily life? I don’t have an answer to that actually.

Maybe, just maybe, I enjoy the vagaries of life too much.

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Scott W said...

You came by and asked what food plan I am on. It's the Dr Simeon's HCG Protocol. You can google it and find out the particulars.

Have a great day!