Thursday, February 19, 2009

CoMiNG fuLl CiRcLe

Once long ago, I was swooning over the idea of finding my knight in shining armour who’ll come and whisk me away into happily ever after. Fifteen, twenty, thirty years later and still that dream hasn’t come true.

It did come true for a while. One year and five months to be exact. But the heartache that came after completely broke me. It left me empty. Was I empty before? Or was the emptiness caused by losing someone close to me?

I told you then: It is not that I cannot live without you, but that I choose to be with you. And I tell you now: So is it that I choose to leave you, because I cannot live with you.

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joan said...

you are very very very tired. i wish i could offer you the comfort and peace, and pull you out of the deep black hole. i know i can't. i know you can't now. what i know is that you WILL come out of this as a much stronger and happier woman.... you just need to find that energy to spin around the deep black holes, and light will come your way when the time is right