Saturday, March 31, 2007

mY New cHAiR

I finally bought my dream chair... today... in Chinatown!!

Happened to chance upon it the other day when I was there with a friend who needed to get to a DBS ATM and we were directed to Block 4... and this beautiful wonderful lovely cane chair was peeking at me from an old provision-shop-like shop.

Today, I brought my mum along for the bargaining power.

And now I'm the proud new owner of a beautiful wonderful lovely cane chair that matches my hand-me-down-rattan-treasure-chest-cum-laptop-table... all for $16 (the marked price was $18 but my mum managed to knock $2 off from the shop-lady who was telling us this chair is great for sitting kids down when they are being fed... which made me very happy -- the $2 discount I mean...).

I am slowly learning how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. And today, I am grateful that...

... I no longer have to squat on my haunches to type on my ThinkPad...

... no more lower-back-pain-inducing crouching posture over my ThinkPad...

... this new chair comes with a back that I can lean on.

(Bob lounging on the new chair)

No more wobbly knees... YAY!!!

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