Tuesday, June 22, 2010

tHE pRooF

Writing has always been something very intuitive for me. I do not pause to think of whether the sentence is grammatical or whether there is subject-verb agreement. Most times, I work on the theory that “it sounds right”. In fact, I am hard put to explain what is an adjective or adverb or a passive sentence. When I need to parse language down to that level of detail, it often eludes me.

It is sobering for me then, to learn about speech and language disorders. To know that a skip in my gene sequence, a knock on my head, or even just simple old age, could lead to a breakdown in communication, is humbling. When I see videos of kids trying so hard to express their intent, adults so frustrated that they cannot remember the name of a loved one, something in me stirs.

Have you ever marveled at the fact that when you say, “Aren’t you feeling a bit cold?” and the other person stands up to close the window, that something miraculous is happening between the two of you?

And that, is the only proof I’ll ever need that there is a God.

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